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Gutter Solutions Roof Maintenance

Gutter Solutions Roof Maintenance

We fix roof leaks, skylight leaks and faulty roof installations.  No job too small!

Known locally as GA Hall Roofing or Garry Hall Roofing this well established roofing company is renowned for providing trusted and reliable roofing maintenance and repairs.

The team can be called out to any job, big or small. This could be fixing a leak in a skylight or repairing a roof which is no longer fit for purpose. Most roofing profiles can be patched and maintained by Roofsafe, including coloursteel, membrane, torchon or tiles.

Covering Queenstown, Wanaka & Central Otago – call the team at Roofsafe on 03 442 1294 or email us: help@roofsafe.net.nz

Owned and operated by longterm Arrowtown residents Garry and Christine Hall, this business is part of the Roofsafe Gutter Solutions Group providing total roofing and gutter solutions. Garry Hall started out as a builder and then progressed to roofing over 28 years ago. He has an excellent track record in remedying leaks in both residential and commercial buildings and understands how water behaves and can affect properties in this climate and area.

With a comprehensive understanding of the local environment and respecting the need for roofs to complement the natural surroundings, Garry and his team are the people to call for any roofing maintenance query.

Roofing Warrant of Fitness (WOF)

All properties should have a current Roofing WOF to prevent major problems occurring.  Regular inspection avoids the need for costly repairs and failures which can put people’s safety at risk. At Roofsafe, Garry Hall has over 28 years’ experience in local roofing issues and is a recommended and trusted tradesman. He has seen many issues arise over the years due to a lack of oversight and has compiled a checklist of over 25 items that he looks out for.  These items include the condition of:

  • Spoutings
  • Internal Gutters & Down Pipes
  • Roof Ridgings & Flashings
  • Health & Safety Issues

When you have a roofing WOF with Roofsafe you will receive a detailed report within 5 working days, highlighting any roofing issues and making recommendations. This will enable you to prioritise any work needed and have peace of mind as to the ongoing condition of your roof.  For an additional fee we can even provide a video report which is as good as accompanying Garry onto the roof!

Your property should have an annual WOF and we can schedule in annual visit reminders for you.
We can also carry out one off roofing checks after an adverse weather event or carry out a 3rd party roofing check if you have had a new roof or major roofing renovation completed. You can trust that Garry and his team work independently for your benefit.

Roofing WOF’s start from $500. Please give us a call or email us: help@roofsafe.net.nz to get a personal quote and further information.

Gutter Solutions Roof Maintenance


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